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Insight Meditation Therapy

As one’s journey of psychospiritual development advances, a call to take healing to the ‘next level’ and realise the highest attainable possible truths often beckons; as despite all of the good progress which may have been made, life for some may continue to feel somewhat unfulfilling

For those compelled by such a calling, Paths of One offers Insight Meditation Therapy, which harnesses the ‘rising tide’ of knowledge gained from Self-Enquiry and Therapy work, into a discipline with which one can tap into deeper recesses of mind, and timeless wisdom – with comparative ease, on a daily basis, and with minimal intrusion to busy schedules

The meditative component of Insight Meditation Therapy is a practice which is exercised immediately upon waking, as the mind emerges from sleep state consciousness; and uses the inherent alpha / delta brainwave activity prevalent during this time to enter a deeper realm of consciousness, in which the mind can be more easily surrendered, explored, transcended, ‘repaired’, reprogrammed, and trained, to better serve us – as opposed to vice versa

Ideally practiced for an hour or more, but no less than 30 mins, the levels of consciousness entered enable experiences of Hypnogogic / Nidra Yogic states, in which higher consciousness can be accessed, and infinite knowledge from beyond can be channelled – as famously demonstrated by the likes of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Leonard Da Vinci – who openly ascribed these forms of mind exercise as the source of their inspirational ideas and inventions

As the practice develops, and the three pillars of endeavour being to ‘sing together’, it becomes easier to cultivate altered stated of consciousness in other areas of one’s life with minimal effort, such as highly creative ‘flow states’, and powerful experiences of lucid dreaming; and over time, an unshakable sense of well-being manifests, which promotes one’s abilities to self-heal thenceforth

It is a truly beautiful practice, which is relatively easy to adopt and maintain; in which no two days are the same – as we connect to a source of knowing beyond the conceptual mind, and indirectly pose the question, ‘what do I need today…?’ – an answer to which the higher mind always provides… whether we like the answer or not!

Sheldon Reed

PATHS OF ONE is but one expression of perennial wisdom, hiding in plain sight for all to see when ready

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