Silently loud
And calming of ear
The whisper of God
‘I am here…’

Rushing trees
And rustling leaves
Testing hardy veins
Inspiring chorus waves
Swaying ‘I am here…’

Tiny life in swirly winds
Pinging glass
And halting dreams
‘Hey, do you remember me?
I am here, unexpectantly…’

Perfect birds unsettled feet
Jostled from their lofty seat
Watch their dance – divine, serene
And see the sign
That I have been…

Look at what you do not see
There you’ll find all of me
Hear me breathe and watch me be
Impossible breeze
My whisper to thee…

Sheldon Reed

PATHS OF ONE is but one expression of perennial wisdom, hiding in plain sight for all to see when ready

If this particular expression of Truth resonates with you, I would be delighted to discuss it further - and can be reached per the Contact Info in About (and key details below)

With Love

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