‘Don’t explain your philosophy, embody it’


With a proven and active 30-year track record in high-level commercial enterprise, Paths of One is exceptionally well positioned to ground Psychospiritual / Transpersonal work in a manner which befits any commercial circumstance, and advise on the deft art of balancing professional obligations with the practical demands of personal life

Accordingly, its Executive mandates provide comprehensive guidance designed to optimise personal, professional, and spiritual life, for those in positions of import or influence; with whom it aims to bring ‘spirit into matter’ for both the greatest individual and collective good

Mandates are carefully considered on a case-by-case basis, and typically result in close working relationships, in which Paths of One serves as part therapist, part spiritual guide, and part commercial ‘consiglieri’

It is an area of work which Paths of One holds most dearly, as it is from these roots that the practice was originally born – and with this endeavour that its wider aspirations are most deeply echoed

There is no set formula for the nature and content of sessions – as the magic of each engagement informs its own agenda and approach

Mandates begin life as a no-obligation / no fee consultation, in which client circumstances and aspirations are discussed, a preliminary assessment of which is made, details of services provided are explained, and questions answered

Assuming the mutual desire to proceed is established, engagement terms are agreed case-by-case, but typically range from between 1 to 4 sessions per month, of 60 to 90 minutes duration – of which 50 to 80 minutes respectively are spent together in session, with 10 minutes used thereafter, post session, for immediate debrief notes

Session fees are £177 for 60 mins / £222 for 90 mins

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Sheldon Reed

PATHS OF ONE is but one expression of perennial wisdom, hiding in plain sight for all to see when ready

If this particular expression of Truth resonates with you, I would be delighted to discuss it further - and can be reached per the Contact Info in About (and key details below)

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