‘Better than a hundred years of mischief, is one day of contemplation’

Contemplation Retreats

The art of contemplation is the discipline with which the work of Self-Enquiry, Transpersonal Therapy, and Insight Meditation is more fully absorbed and integrated, and as such is a vital component of the development process as a whole

It enables us to percolate the lessons we have learned in our daily lives, and develop the wisdom necessary for a wider and deeper perspective on our experiences; both of which are essential for spiritual growth

These are the key functions which Paths of One’s Contemplation Retreats are designed to serve; by providing the space and amenity for aspirants to be with the self – to contemplate, introspect, meditate and study

In support of these activities, all Contemplation Retreats are located in areas of natural beauty, and provide spacious private lodgings in which to practice, as well as communal areas and a range of facilities designed to broaden your experience and connection to All

Although designed with seclusion in mind, Contemplation Retreats also provide opportunities to meet like-minded people, with whom experiences may be shared and perhaps connections made. The journey of the aspirant can often be a solitary one; and it is our hope that those seeking to find fellow souls along their path, do so – and that valuable relationships are developed as a result, which endure for long after your stay with us ends

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