We may only ascend as high as the weight of our personality allows

Private Client

Private Client work is the cornerstone of Paths of One’s offering, which is equipped to assist with a wide range of personal and existential maladies, be they psychologically weighted, or more spiritually inspired; and which, by way of example, may relate to some of the following phenomena and themes:

Love, Fear, Will, Identification, Attachment, Belief Systems, Desire, Loss & Scarcity, Materialism, Behavioural Patterns, Neuroticism, Narcissism, Conflict, Inner Child, Co-Dependency & Relationships, Consciousness, Plant Medicine & Entheogens, Non-Duality, Spiritual Awakening & Emergency, Surrender, Divinity, Meaning & Purpose, Meditation, Purification, The Noble Path, Spiritual Practice, Integration (Personal, Social, Professional, and Spiritual)

Depending on the amount of prior personal development, and the nuanced weighting between the part parallel / part sequential processes of psychological and spiritual synthesis, clients will instinctively know which of the two modalities Paths of One offers is best suited to them – as one always clearly resonates more strongly than the other

Irrespectively, the process always begins with a no obligation / no fee exploratory conversation, in which the client’s circumstances are discussed, and the two modalities explained in more detail; after which consensus is reached regarding the optimal way forward

Assuming the mutual desire to proceed is established, engagement terms are agreed on a case-by-case basis, but typically range from between 2 to 4 sessions per month, of 60 to 90 minutes duration – of which 50 to 80 minutes respectively are spent together in session, with 10 minutes used thereafter, post session, for immediate debrief notes

Psychospiritual / Transpersonal Therapy Fees

Session fees are £77 for 60 mins
Reduced fees of £55 for 60 mins sometimes available
Pro bono work also undertaken where possible

Insight Meditation Therapy Fees

Session fees are £88 for 60 mins / £111 for 90 mins
Pro bono work also undertaken where possible

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Sheldon Reed

PATHS OF ONE is but one expression of perennial wisdom, hiding in plain sight for all to see when ready

If this particular expression of Truth resonates with you, I would be delighted to discuss it further - and can be reached per the Contact Info in About (and key details below)

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