‘Wisdom is meaningless, unless your own experience has given it meaning’

What is
Paths of One?

Paths of One is a talk therapy which emphasises the importance of learning how to become one’s own best healer, whilst at the same time receiving the professional support that we all sometimes need

Borne from the pursuit of Ultimate Self-Knowledge, it is a practice which, through various forms of clinical and non-clinical work; transcends suffering through the realisation of its purpose, and effects true healing by unpacking the intrinsic relationships which exist between our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and subjective realities

By addressing such fundamentals of the ‘human condition’, its work may be regarded as the ‘final step’ in the process of psychological healing; as, through higher knowledge, direct insight, courage, and faith, a permanent dissolution of limiting behaviours can be achieved, and true, sustainable, inner ‘bliss’ can be manifested – irrespective of circumstance   

Free of dogma, but characterised by its Jñāna Yogic lineage and professional training in Psychosynthesis Psychology, it encourages a multi-faceted approach to healing; which involves elevating one’s knowledge base, doing the necessary therapy work, and developing a personal practice; in support of which Paths of One serves as Therapist, Guide, and Practitioner:

Psychospiritual / Transpersonal Therapy

As Therapist, it serves to guide individuals through the process of unpacking issues in the ‘here and now’, caused by emotional trauma, and attachments to erroneous thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, which prevent individuals from being freely authentic

In the simplest of terms, it involves looking at the ‘problem’ of solving for ‘happiness’; by considering how we define happiness in the first place, what motivates our search, and what our experiences of pain, fear, and suffering try to teach us; the answers to which help us see the difference between who we think we are, and what we think we want – from who we truly are, and what we actually need

Insight Meditation Therapy

As Practitioner, it serves to guide individuals through a discipline it has developed, which emphasises the importance of Self-Enquiry and Meditation in the healing process, and is built around a meditative practice clients are invited to cultivate in their own time and space; which infuses Meditation with knowledge gained from Therapy – to deepen the healing process, and enable a way of life in which life itself becomes the practice, and Meditation manifests as a default state of mind

It is a highly evolved, intuitive, and life changing modality, which is greater than the sum of its individual parts, and gives access to levels of consciousness which may otherwise be difficult to reach – in a simple, daily practice, that provides precisely what is needed on any given day

Together, these modalities enable Paths of One to walk side-by-side with clients throughout their developmental journeys until its guidance is no longer required; however, it also operates on the understanding that each journey is unique, and approaches each situation with an open mind and a compassionate heart, motivated only to assist as best it can

‘Anything that causes you suffering is your teacher’

How it works

Paths of One begins with the understanding that our true nature is fundamentally and paradoxically ineffable, but best described as ‘spiritual’; and that we are eternal spiritual beings ‘first’, and temporary human experiences ‘second’

The ‘soul’, being ‘individualised spirit’ so to speak, is our strongest connection to who we truly are; and the personality – which cocoons the soul with a dense, complicated, psychological structure of accumulated thought, emotion, and belief – is who we think we are and identify with as ‘I’; the loss of which we unconsciously fear would be tantamount to death, as we believe our identities keep us alive, and connected to love

As we make more of the unconscious conscious, however, we become more able to realise the inner workings of the personality from a more distanced perspective – beyond the ego – and this distance allows us to identify what it may be attempting to tell us, cope with, or solve for; the understanding of which helps us to ‘disidentify’ from false beliefs, unhealthy attachments, and learned behaviours; and heal from the damage these things have caused in our lives

With Therapy and Meditation, we can more clearly see the relationship between our psychological functions, and more readily connect with the soul; which otherwise can be a difficult entity to discern, hiding in plain sight between dense layers of egoic mind and trauma; however, once its ‘voice’ is recognised, true healing begins, by addressing the complexities of the personality from the vantage point of the soul, which in turn, furthers its own liberation 

Such liberation begins with the appreciation that everything we are is related to our relationship with love, the absence of love, and the beliefs we form as a result; some of our beliefs are our greatest addiction, and as such, we are all ‘addicts’, living life confined within the framework and boundaries of our psychological and existential belief systems

As we journey within, however, we learn to take ownership of thought, master the ego, and elevate our belief systems to become more authentic human beings; and as we progress further still, an indescribable ‘synthesis’ of personality, soul, and spirit takes place, which reveals the infinite source of love residing deep within us – and manifests as a state of being often described as enlightenment

Enlightenment is our truest state, and as such, is not a thing we reach but a thing we realise, once the illusion of ‘I’ is stripped bare and the effort to enlighten ceases; paradoxically though, the ability to stop trying only comes after much trying…! meaning that there is often psychological work to be done before the higher echelons of spiritual growth can be realised; however, once the work is wholeheartedly commenced, life changes – profoundly, and inner peace increasingly becomes an experienced reality

‘You’ are thoughts
Thoughts are stories
‘You’ is a story

Ethos and Purpose

Paths of One is built upon the timeless wisdom, and quantum reality, that ‘Consciousness’ is the inherent, fundamental source of life and love; through which we are all intrinsically connected as One, and towards which we are evolving, as we learn about the unity of love by virtue of our separation from it – without which, love cannot be known

It believes that this elementary state of separation is the root cause and purpose of our suffering, which serves to teach us about love’s infinite nature, and provides us with the means by which we can transcend our separated states, and experience the reality of unconditional love as human beings

The world around us reflects our level of progress on this journey, and the extent to which it remains influenced by the defensively inclined egoic mind; which operates largely in a state of ‘dynamic hypnosis’ – a ‘wide-awake dream’, in which it is entranced by information from the outside world, whilst remaining motivated by love, regulated by fear, governed by conditioning, and imprisoned by the beliefs to which it becomes identified, attached, and dependent

In literal terms, ‘what we think, becomes’, and ‘what we believe, is’, and our world is the sum narrative of those thoughts and beliefs in material form; a form which is negatively affected by the unawareness of who we truly are, and positively charged by our own healing, as we face our fears, and follow the intrinsic compulsion to find meaning and purpose in our lives – without which inner peace cannot be achieved

With Transpersonal Therapy however, or the deeper practice of Insight Meditation Therapy, we are able to heal; by embracing pain in safe space, shedding light on darkness, and clearing the way for enlightenment to manifest from the knowledge, understanding, and truths realised along the way – physically, mentally, and spiritually

Paths of One believes that, for many, this is the optimal path for abiding peace, as it targets the fundamental root from which our issues arise, and addresses the very heart of what we are as human beings; and in order to do this, one must reach under the skin of what necessitated therapy in the first place, and behind the very thoughts, beliefs, and knowledge that brought us to where we are

These endeavours, though simply summarised, require tremendous courage, will, and discipline; and are both the greatest personal achievements to which we may aspire, and the most profound in terms of the unlimited potential they hold for the evolution of humanity, to which Paths of One is dedicated

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